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House Specialty Pizzas - OLO Menu
Colorado Springs

The Big "T" - Medium

Pepperoni, sausage, ham, onion, mushroom and green pepper.

Thin Crust $17.99Thick Crust $19.38
Choice of Pizza Dough - Medium:Wheat White 10" Gluten-Free +$3.50
Additional Pizza Toppings:Extra Cheese +$2.09Ground Beef +$2.09Ham +$2.09Pepperoni +$2.09Italian Sausage +$2.09Grilled Chicken Breast +$2.09Bacon +$2.09Genoa Salami +$2.09Red Onions +$1.75Yellow Onions +$1.75Mushrooms +$1.75Black Olives +$1.75Bell Peppers +$1.75Zucchini +$1.75Fresh Spinach +$1.75Broccoli +$1.75Fresh Diced Tomatos +$1.75Pineapple +$1.75Diced Jalapeño +$1.75Diced Mild Green Chilis +$1.75Minced Garlic +$1.75Pepperoncinis +$1.75Diced Celery +$1.75