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Pastas - OLO Menu
Colorado Springs

Create Your Own Pasta


Served with garlic bread and choice of soup or salad.

Pasta Selection:Penne Spaghetti
Sauce Selection:Pesto Sauce +$1Mushroom Sauce +$1Meat Sauce +$2.50Butter Sauce Housemade Marinara Sauce Marinara with 1 Meatball +$3Marinara with 1 Sausage Link +$3Garlic & Oil Lemon Garlic Butter Sauce +$2.50Basil Lemon Cream Sauce +$2.50
Pasta Additions:Chicken Breast +$21 Meatball +$3Fresh Mushrooms +$0.89Minced Garlic +$0.89Diced Jalapeño +$0.89Meat Sauce +$2.50Red Onions +$0.89Pepperoncinis +$0.89Salmon 6oz +$6Add 4 Shrimp +$4Side of Alfredo Sauce +$2.791 Sausage Link +$3Zucchini +$0.89Yellow Oninons +$0.89Fresh Spinach +$0.89Extra Piece of Garlic Bread +$3Broccoli +$0.89Black Olives +$0.89Salmon 3oz +$4Add 8 Shrimp +$6
Salad/Dressing or Soup Selection:Cup of Soup Salad w/Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad w/Ranch Salad w/Caesar Salad w/Thousand Island Salad w/Italian & Blue Cheese Crumbles Salad w/Honey Mustard Salad w/Italian Salad w/Oil n Vinegar Salad w/Creamy Blue Cheese Sub Side Caesar Salad/Caesar Dressing