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Calzones - OLO Menu
Colorado Springs

Build Your Own Calzone


Start with the cheese calzone and add your favorite ingredients. Served with a side of marinara.

Dough Choice Calzone:White Wheat
Byo Calzone Toppings:Bacon Grilled Chicken Breast Diced Mild Green Chilis Mushrooms Pineapple Zucchini Seasoned Steak Turkey Breast Pepperoncinis Black Olives Yellow Onions Bell Peppers Genoa Salami Pepperoni Diced Jalapeño Kidney Beans Red Onions Fresh Diced Tomatoes Ham Extra Cheese Fresh Spinach Refried Beans Broccoli Minced Garlic
Additional Calzone Toppings:Bacon +$1.19Seasoned Steak +$1.19Genoa Salami +$1.19Ham +$1.19Grilled Chicken Breast +$1.19Turkey Breast +$1.19Pepperoni +$1.19Extra Cheese +$1.19Diced Mild Green Chilis +$0.99Pepperoncinis +$0.99Diced Jalapeño +$0.99Fresh Spinach +$0.99Mushrooms +$0.99Black Olives +$0.99Kidney Beans +$0.99Refried Beans +$0.99Pineapple +$0.99Yellow Onions +$0.99Red Onions +$0.99Broccoli +$0.99Zucchini +$0.99Bell Peppers +$0.99Fresh Diced Tomatoes +$0.99Minced Garlic +$0.99Diced Celery +$0.99
Calzone Extras:Side of Pesto +$2.99Side of Alfredo +$2.99Side of Green Chili Sauce +$2.99
Add a Cup of Soup or Dinner Salad to Calzone:Add a Cup of Soup +$4.50Add Dinner Salad Italian +$4.50Add Dinner Salad Italian and Bleu Cheese Crumbles +$4.50Add Dinner Salad Honey Mustard +$4.50Add Dinner Salad Thousand Island +$4.50Add Dinner Salad Oil and Vinegar +$4.50Add Dinner Salad Creamy Bleu Cheese +$4.50Add Dinner Salad Ranch +$4.50Add Dinner Salad Citrus Vinaigrette +$4.50Sub Side Caesar Salad +$4.50Add Dinner Salad No Dressing +$4.50